Spaces Gallery
The First 100+ Days exhibition

The First 100+ Days at Spaces Gallery in Cleveland, included drawings created in response to the US President’s first 100 days in office. Their scale, each nearly eight feet long, conveyed the urgency and anxiety surrounding our current state of affairs. The drawings included the text, as represented in their titles, Immigration Mass Deportation and Resist Agent Orange. The First 100+ Days was a highly anticipated exhibition; it showcased the culmination of a large campaign to move Spaces Gallery to its new location in Hingetown, and redefined its function as a critical alternative space under the guidance of Executive Director Christina Vassallo.

WVIZ/Ideastream, Applause TV broadcast interview with Carrie Wise, Cleveland, OH, April 27, 2017

Cleveland Plain Dealer
Wit trumps anger in exhibits
by Steven Litt

“Highlights of the Trump exhibit include a pair of large drawings by Darice Polo, an associate professor of drawing at Kent State University.

One is filled with the repeated words ‘Immigration’ and ‘Mass Deportation.’ The other says “Resist Agent Orange,” linking the Trump presidency to the Vietnam era.

The real marvel of the drawings is that Polo has drawn each razor sharp letter with infinitesimally subtle shading that lends power, intensity and presence to the words.” — Steven Litt