The paintings and drawings exhibited in Through a Glass, Darkly reference 8mm film stills of a family outing to the Statue of Liberty in 1958. The translation of these images into drawings and paintings repositions the statue through the lens of our current border policies and the resurgence of political ideologies that undermine our humanity. In examining her cultural heritage through the filter of American society the artist asks us to re-examine the Statue of Liberty as an icon of the 21st century.

The Statue of Liberty series, completed in 2011, was presented in the solo exhibition Through the Glass, Darkly at William Busta Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio and in the group exhibition Artful Teaching at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Artful Teaching was curated by Dominique H. Vasseur, Chief Curator and Curator of European Art at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Listen to Vasseur talk about Polo’s painting process and how it functions as meaning in this short video.

Through the Glass, Darkly brochure